Eicher EM300 Konigstiger v1.1.0.0 FS 19

Eicher EM300 Konigstiger v1.1.0.0 FS 19

A beautiful tractor from Eicher! This is a 3 cylinder Eicher EM300 King Tiger.

-The light in the back has been fixed.
-The front axle has been fixed.
– Diesel consumption has been adjusted.
-An oak weight was added.

Manufacturer: Eicher
Model: EM 300 King Tiger
Power: 35-80PS
Speed: 28km / h
Price: 7.500 €
Weight: 1850kg
Diesel quantity: 38-58 liters

This Eicher comes from the LS13 from Modelleicher which I converted to the LS19 and have completely reworked.
Thank you very much for releasing the model: thumbup:
As I said, the Eicher has been completely revised (LS19 standard).
I have installed PBR (LS19 material system) many things have been improved, the Eicher has a lot of animations, Simple IC has been installed and a lot of little things.
Simple IC is required!
Simple IC can be found here: https://github.com/modelleicher/FS19_simpleIC
There is an optional knife bar for the Eicher.
The knife bar can be found here: Eicher knife bar

Information about the Eicher (in real):
With over 19,400 pieces, the Eicher EM300 Königstiger was the most built tractor from Eicher.
This Eicher came from the model series “EM // Predator Series” and was built from 1959 to 1968.
The engine was an EDK3 3-cylinder / 4-stroke in-line diesel engine with 2944 cm³ displacement and with direct injection and air cooling, as well as with oil cooling.
It was available as a 35PS (25.6kw), 38PS (27.94kw) and as a 40PS (29.41kw) variant.
The Eicher had an 8/4 gearbox with a top speed of 28km / h.
And now have fun with the Eicher EM300! :);)
The mod (Eicher EM300 Königstiger) may only be distributed with original DL-Link!

modelleicher, schlueterfan1977, Zinoz LP
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