Felsbrunn Edit By MC Multifruit v4.0 FS 19

Felsbrunn Edit By MC Multifruit v4.0 FS 19

Version 4.0 Multifruit
1. All in-game productions built into a farmland which has to be bought in order to produce.
The menu of the factory is only shown when you are in possession and only then can become productive.
2. The fillTypes.xml has been corrected.
3. Collision of the rainwater drainage channel at the horse stable was removed, which resulted from the scaling of the stable and thus got stuck with a vehicle.
4. Fountain city center installed.
5. Unloading trigger of the bakery corrected or relocated so that pallet goods can be unloaded better.
6. Board pallets and empty pallet storage installed.
7. Seed storage, fertilizer storage and lime storage installed.
8. Corrected trigger on fruit farm and Lidl.
9. In the baked goods production and the associated language file, 2 terms water and milk were interchanged. These have been corrected.
10. All triggers revised.
11. Liquid manure storage equipped with digital display.
12. Herbicide storage and liquid fertilizer storage installed.
13. Helicopter landing pad (decoration) installed.
14. Observation platform installed.
15. Installed earth fruit storage.
16. Warehouse and soil storage facility equipped with manual light.
17. Red cabbage and white cabbage production installed.
18. Swimming pool installed.
19. Ice tarpaulin installed and tested.
20. Corrected trigger in dairy, hollow coal production, fabric production and baked goods production / flour delivery.
21. Carrot juice production installed.
22. Only two raw materials were needed for the production of diesel. I changed this so that you only need one raw material to activate the production.
23. White cabbage salad and red cabbage salad production installed.

Hereby I make my converted Felsbrunn 1.3 standard fruit available to all. The farm I have put on a different terrain and the stables of the animals are also housed in the farm. Also, I have a few small things built with you have to explore yourself. The launch vehicles and takeoff fields are also changed. I hope you like my processed Felsbrunn.Einige open spaces are also available. I have done my best and the log is up on the bush01 which is a bug of Giants error-free. Still, I do not exclude errors that were not apparent to me. If someone finds fault, please let me know.
I will try to change that.
The PDAMap version 1.3 standard fruit is now in several sections scanned, assembled by hand and included in this version for the first time.
Much has been rebuilt, replaced or redesigned what a new score vorraussetzt. The log is so far except for the errors caused by Giants own error and error messages. Still, I do not exclude minor inattention on my part in the design of the map, such as: floating objects, etc ,
On the installation of a Wurzelfruchtlagers I deliberately omitted because there are already several possibilities of mods that allow anyone to place on the open spaces his silos themselves.
And now I wish you much fun with the Felsbrunn
MC / Jürgen

Motorboot mit Sound und Beat von Maulwurf 63 , Kaufbare Hallen von Vertex Dezign , Strohlager von Hasco , Schneidwerksregal von San Andreas , NewVehicleShop :Dachschilder: Kirtz Pierr , ShopUmbau: Joerg_B , Deko: AllgäuerGarde, Claas_Evolution, speedy77.
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