Refill Tanks v1.2.1 Object

Refill Tanks v1.2.1 Object


This update is focused on CREDITS of the mod.
In total honesty, I have accidently removed GIANTS Software from the credits of the mod in the XML file. I have not realized it until someone who pointed me out this fact in my last post on ModHub of my modification of GIANTS Software’s od called “Placeable Refill Tanks”.

So, to evryone who mentionned it and that was getting mad over the fact that GIANTS did not get the credits they deserved, here is the updated version but this time, giving credits to the original mod’s creators GIANTS Softwares.
To be truly honest with y’all, I would have appreciate the fact that you could point me out this mistake rather than putting hate speeches…
Anyway, everything is now past events (sorry, I’m a French dude, so I am not that good in English), and I am truly sorry about all the inconvients with the credits or any other mistakess.
Lastly, it would mean the absolute world to me if everyone who can help me could do me a favor (this includes everyone who downloads the mod and uses it): I would need help locating errors in the scripts as I am not quite familiar with XML files and therefore, I most of the time forget what to edit to solve a problem of the mod.

Thank you guys for pointing me out on the crediting mistake! Love you guys all in the end! 🙂 (I don’t know if I would of noticed that BIG mistake without you guys’ feedbacks!)

P.S.: If anyone is familiar with FS19 modding (specifically with .xml files), I would really appreciate if you could help me out with learning to mod on FS19 – because I started coding mods about 3 weeks ago (and I am trashhh at creating them), even though I have created a few applications since 2010… Your help means the absolute world to me! Thank you guys all!

Please note: Credits are now given to GIANTS in the XML file of the mod (modDesc.xml) and should display (I believe) this output (without quotation marks): “GIANTS Softwares, Velocity DK“. If not, feel free to tell me what I’ve done wrong in the code… because I am not familiar with XML files. Thanks, guys!

Original mod by: GIANTS Software
Mod modifications by: Velocity DK
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