What’s everyone hoping to see in Farming Simulator 19

What’s everyone hoping to see in Farming Simulator 19

This could be a long winded post, anyways here are some things I hope are in Farming Simulator19:

1) Buying used machinery: it’s not all that common for farmers to buy new equipment.

2) the ability to just feed livestock the grains whole: meaning, the ability to skip around having to run grind their food. Instead, you would have the option to put out much cheaper feed rings, that way you can place the bales in them. Of course, you get penalized on feeding efficiency just like IRL. Perhaps the lot becomes dirty quicker as a result?

3) beef cattle, I have a feeling this one’s already in game, I’m in a beef state, so this would be cool to see.

4) the ability to pasture livestock: I would be on cloud nine if we have the ability to pasture livestock in a freshly harvested field. This is pretty much the regular around here in the corn belt. The cows enjoy picking up the corn cobs the harvester missed, and you technically get free N in the soil. Winner winner.

5) starter fertilizing: I always thought the stages to fertilize were a hassle, it would be neat if you can hook up a fertilizer tank to your tractor, and plant at the same time.

6) volunteer stand: if you went from corn to soybeans, you’re going to see volunteer corn in your field. I would love to see the fields become ugly with volunteer stand, that way you’re engaged at all times, and I think it would be cool to make it also hurt your yield.

7) herbicide/pesticide application: I think this would be a neat addition to the game, I know it’s a touchy subject all around, but it’s just part of farming.

8) expanded custom work: meaning, you can hire someone to spray your fields, maybe select your broadcast method (would be cool to see a crop duster spraying down your corn).

9) Row cropping: it looks like this one was teased along with the cotton bit in the E3 trailer. It’s hard to say if this was intentional or not. It would be cool to have row cropping equipment. It gets old after a while of using a seed drill to put in your beans, a row planter would work just fine too!

10) seasons: no rationale needed here

11) irrigation systems: I would like to water my crops, but this one just feels like a stretch in a way I cannot explain.

12) being “rewarded” for rotating crops: I rotate crops just for a sense of realism in past games, but what if a rotation system actually rewarded you? If you do a corn and soybeans rotation, I hope to see a improved yield in the long run.

13) it’s clear the possibilities are endless, so I’ll stop here. Tillage systems! We technically already have this, but it seems like no-till farmers lose out in the past Farming Simultor games. I’d like to be able to just leave the crop residue alone after harvest.

Farming Simulator 19: Official CGI Reveal Trailer

Farming Simulator 19 E3 CGI Trailer – John Deere Reveal

Farming Simulator 19 will be available Fall 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

Farming Simulator 19
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