What I think should be in Farming Simulator 19

What I think should be in Farming Simulator 19

1- The hired help needs some help to start. They can’t continue workin on a field that isn’t squared up. It’s stressful because it happens during every harvest and every sowing period. They also need help identifing completed tasks. If the could somehow have more options of sowing and harvesting that would be great maybe and option that would allow them to calculate the exact shape of a field and have them do headlands first so the bigger equipment can finish the jobs without the worker hitting trees and objects off the field. Please put this in the Farming Simulator 19 game.

2- My second opinion would be to give more commands to workers by pressing a button that would open a command screen in the game. For example a hiring screen where you could select the worker to use a piece of equipment to transport animals. Maybe organize the list by equipment and seeing which ones you have. Course play sort of for console and computer. By adding that screen they would do any route through a gps you can set up. Then you could implement other jobs though this too. I hate picking up straw and telling a worker to do it and send it to the barn or wherever and drop it by adding some random point on the map would help. Maybe even make icon building selectable more over some random point. Maybe even tweak the FS19 map screen. I like it now, but the zoom feature is wonky on console we want a full map and lengend across the screen when hitting start with a better cursor.

3- Make a vehicle menu to switch the order of switching. Make it more customizable to drop FS19 vehicle out of rotation or to tweak it to the players liking during harvest or sowing.

4- Bring the animals closer. With that in mind, being able to hirer a worker to send over to the cow farm to make mixed rations or feed them would help so much. At all animal farms this would be so better. It’s stressful working 3 combines, 2 huge sowers, a forage wagon, two plows, and 3 fertilizer tractors. I mean then to transport pigs feed them enormous amounts of food etc… Not fun for me. I like to think of myself as a manager aspect, It’s what made the game great for me and unlike any other. Now I think in fs17 I’m getting to the point where I quit lol. “Listen bob this job ain’t working out for me no more, I’m moving on.” It’s just become so stressful to play Farming Simulator 19.

5. I want to experience the FS19 game in a more realistic fashion, but having to run to the store myself and grab feed with a pallet fork, or fill my gas tanker is annoying. You go anywhere and work for a company and they hire people to do that stuff. The GM of a huge construction job isn’t grabbing gas for the spotlights, it’s the guy he’s paying- the foreman, or the helper.

6. The lighting on console was garbage. At night you couldn’t see a thing. Even after buying 1000’s of dollars in spot lights- the light never reached where it was intended to go.

7. The boundaries are annoying with bigger equipment. My mention of customizing the workers and how they approach a job would fix this I think. I don’t know how many times I seen a worker on gold crest from field 11, I think, continue to fertilize in between field 13 and 11 and continue to go on 13 without me hiring him for that field.

The final thing I will say is that FS 19 vehicle depreciation *censored* badly on this game. I played for a week and my new tractor which cost $250,000 ran into the red. No vehicle workshops on console *censored*. As well as moving trains not being available and courseplay really made me watch bradm73 instead of playing. Literally. It was fun watching courseplay and thinking, “damn I’m salty.”
This game is great and unlike anything I played before. I mean flat out addicting. I even got my boy to buy it and he loved it too. We both got premium on sale on the ps4. I’m glad I bought it to because I’m snagging Farming Simulator 19, but if I can’t run the farm with more hired help, better hired help, better lighting, and some ingenuity added- then scratch that. I mean who wants to grab water for their pigs or animals?

Farming Simulator 19
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